Electronero Activated Bulletproof RCT's, ETNX blockchain 25x faster post hard fork

Recently we celebrated some achievements in the Electronero blockchain development. In preliminary testing during our very first builds of Electronero. We were able to notice that the transcations validations were very slow on the Electroneum blockchain. As a result of this discovery we focused our efforts on a solution. As response to the low transaction speed and delay of transaction validation in the TX pool. Electronero activated what is known as BulletProof Ring Confidential Transactions, BulletProof RCT, for short. "It actually turns out that with the newest results Bulletproofs are quite fast to verify. Especially if you verify many at once. 'BPs' are roughly ~25x faster than the previous range proof for a single output if you verify many at once." See Section 6.3 https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/1066.pdf Now with BulletProof RCT active we can expect faster transactions, less memory and storage requirements per block moving forward. This means faster transactions and more transactions per block. Electronero rolls out Main Net with BulletProof RCT active and enabled.

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